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#14774 - Union Civil War Smoothside Canteen  
This is a Union tin "smoothside" type of enlistedman's canteen. It has spot and three carry strap loops. No markings. Minor dings to body. Pretty nice example. About 7 1/2" across.
Condition: Fine  |  Price: $115.00 

#12408 - Super Condition Union Bullseye Canteen Hadden Phila  
This is a super condition Union bullseye canteen marked by maker Hadden Phila. The tin is bright shiny white. This must have been carefully preserved. It still has cloth cover, but it is torn over center, almost as if someone in past had cut it open to see the canteen style. There is a canvas carry strap from era as well. This is as nice as I have seen preserved! Displays well.
Condition: Extra Fine  |  Price: $167.00 

#12406 - Union Bullseye Canteen marked by soldier  
This is a Union bullseye canteen from the Civil War. It has the spout and 3 carry loops. No holes. When I got it, it was painted black! I removed the paint and guess what - the soldier's name is scratched into the zinc spout. It looks like "Wiebman" but maybe your eyes are better. No cover or strap. Neat!
Condition: Fine  |  Price: $139.00 

#12185 - Union Bullseye Canteen  
This is an original standard Union 7-Ring "bullseye" canteen. It has minor dings. Two of there carry straps are still present. Spout was reinforced with extra solder in past.
Condition: Fine  |  Price: $111.00 

#12084 - Union Bullseye canteen  
This is an original Union "bullseye" canteen with concentric rings from early in Civil War. No maker's markings. A slight pinch to zinc spout. The three carry loops are still present. (No cloth cover) It was painted for display with a white casein type paint. It could be stripped back to tin but I leave it as found. It was plucked from the rafters of an old house in New Hampshire years ago by a dealer cleaning out the place. No other history known. Minor push to one side. Seams solid.
Condition: Fine+  |  Price: $122.00 

#11587 - Smoothside Civil War Canteen with Repairs  
This is a Union Civil War canteen marked on spout by maker "Jewett". It is the later CW variety called the "smoothside". This one had been damaged in war. It has a gray epoxy patch on one side of the body. The otherside is nice. The three straps are present but also have epoxy added to their joints. You could restore this further or just leave it up on your wall "as is".
Condition: good with repairs  |  Price: $81.00 

#8701 - Smoothside CW canteen  
This is a CW era Union "smoothside" canteen. Has spout and the three loops. Has dents. Some surface rusting in patches, but no holes.
Condition: fine  |  Price: $128.00 

#7966 - Smoothside Civil War Canetten GAR paint  
This is a CW period "smoothside" canteen with three carry loops. No cork or cover, just the canteen. It has gold paint from an old GAR Hall relic case. Could be removed if you liked.
Condition: fine+  |  Price: $130.00 

#6025 - Union Smoothside Canteen from Civil War  
This is an original Civil War Union "Smoothside" canteen. It has its pewter spout and all three of its strap carry loops along edges. No cork stopper, strap or cloth cover. No maker's markings. There are flattened dents of mid body on both sides, which is most common for these canteens because soldiers often sat down on these items that hung at their sides. These CW canteens are going up in price this past year. About 7 3/4" across. Minimal rust to tin and joints are intact.
Type: preserved |  Condition: very good+  |  Price: $160.00 

#5167 - Union Smoothside Canteen  
This is a Civil War period Union "smoothside" canteen. It has sections of pale old red paint upon it which indicate it was part of a Patriotic Military or GAR Display at one time. This can be removed easily with a paint stripper but why change this neat old historic object. Bringing items back from the battlegrounds for such GAR displays was very common in the 1880 to 1920 period when CW vets most reminisced. This has some slight areas of rust and a couple dents. This shows it was actually used and likely an early "field pickup" soon after the war. There are no maker's markings on spout. No cork stopper, chain or cloth cover... just the canteen itself. There is rust damage at bottom carry-loop but it is still solid enough to hold a strap there. Seams are good. No holes. A quite nice looking item.
Type: preserved |  Condition: fine  |  Price: $140.00 

#5016 - Union Smoothsided Canteen  
A nice tin Union "smoothsided" Civil War period canteen with its original cloth carry strap. Though the strap is broken in one place, it could be sewn. These straps quickly deteriorated in the field during CW service, so it is great still getting one with its canteen. There is no cover and no stopper. Three carry loops for cloth strap are all present. No maker's marking on zinc spout. Has a couple small dents to its smooth contoured body (usually from trooper sitting on it over the course of his service!) The tin finish to this is still very slick and bright silvery over most of the item but there are a few tiny rust-through holes near lower strap. So you could no longer carry water in this. It's a very nice looking item. Not perfect but it's seen the elephant of the CW!
Type: preserved |  Condition: Fine+  |  Price: $205.00 

#4921 - Smoothside Union Civil War Canteen  
A Civil War period tin Union water canteen. It has spout and one strap loop but two of the three loops are now gone. Two tiny pinholes in tin near absent lower strap would prevent modern use to hold water. But generally is smooth and not rusted. Has the typical body dents seen with most used CW canteens that were sat upon and knocked against for years of hard use. No cork. No cover. Just a basic nice wall or shelf relic. No maker's markings.
Type: preserved |  Condition: very good  |  Price: $97.00 

#4687 - Union Smoothside Canteen  
This is a Civil War period Union "smoothside" canteen with a later (postwar) leather carry strap added. The three strap-loops are present. No maker's markings on it. The edge of spout rim is slightly clipped. And it has a number of small pushes & dents to both sides of body. Yet that is typical to canteens as they were knocked-around hard during their terms of service~ banged against bayonets, rifles, rocks in streams and even sat down upon! This one is a good representative item. No stopper. No cloth cover. No soldier ID~ but definitely was used to the fullest. No rust-through.
Type: preserved |  Condition: fine  |  Price: $142.00 

#4343 - Smoothside Union Civil War Period Canteen  
This "Smoothside" Union Civil War Canteen has the typical three strap loops of the period. It has a cork. There are no maker's markings on spout. There are small dents over both sides of the body but no holes, splints or major damage. There are traces of copper paint over it which indicate it was displayed in a veteran's collection. This was often done for community display cases or GAR hall collections. Site unknown. A nice representative item. No wool cover or carry sling.
Type: preserved |  Condition: Fine  |  Price: $142.00 

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