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#6933 - Bannerman's Military Supply House Catalog
Mr. Francis Bannerman started Military Catalog in 1872 and started rapidly expanding. By late 1890's he needed a lot of room, so bought Polopel Island in Hudson River near NYC and built huge Castle. It became Bannerman's Island and operated until it burned to ground in mid Twentieth Century. They say the walls were reinfoced with bayonets and musket iron from CW, it was so cheap to get such surplus items from US Government! I have heard "stories" of collectors paddling out to burned-out shell of castle and finding huge heaps of rusting miltary surplus. Frankly, I am not sure what lies out there anymore in the Hudson at Bannerman's Island. But facts remain: Many surplus Civil War insignia, shells, uniforms came to us by way of purchaes made from Bannerman's surplus military store for fifty years.

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