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#5198 - 1/9-th Tintype of Serious union Trooper & Comrad
This is a tintype plate from the Civil War period of a serious looking Union trooper. He is seated in his frock cat without a hat. His buttons and rings are gold highlighted. There is another Union trooper standing next to him with a hand on his shoulder in comradship. However only half of the other troop is seen! And there is a flake from the emulsion to edge near his right arm where this other man stands. There is a pastoral backdrop in the background. I think that this is a part of a plate that was at one time larger and was cuit into several pieces for the benefit of some of the various sitters. In fact, this plate is ever so slightly smaller than a standard 1/9-th plate, but shows normally with the original CW period brass mat and preserver. Despite the emulsion flake to the side, the image of this Civil War soldier has great contrast & clarity. It is a very attractive item in a half-case of leatherette. Sadly, no soldier ID. Price is already adjusted for the condition. (see all pictures)

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