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#4323 - 1/4 plate Tintype W. Hulburt of the New York 2nd Cavalry
This is a larger 1/4 plate sized tintype of a Union troop in a cavalry frock coat with white leather gloves called gauntlets. It came from the pages of a family scrap book that a dealer in Watkins Glen, NY had for a long time. Under the tintype was the notation "Mothers Brother. Warren C. Hulburt 1863." (This notation was cut from the album page and comes along with this tin) In reviewing the CW Database, there is a William C. Hulburt (25 years old) who enlisted in Manlius, NY in 1864. The name is close enough as is the location in Watkins Glen region. To wrap up the support for my theory, the other tintype of Hulburt from that page shows him in cavalry gear with white gauntlets. And William (Warren) Hulburt indeed was mustered into "Company H of the New York 2nd Cavalry" mustering out 6/5/65. This tintype is well-focused but slightly dark on contrast. It shows the determined young man sitting before a camp scene backdrop with a Union flag flying proudly outstretched in breeze. The tin has some condition problems, one accidental & the other done on pourpose: There are two slight ripples to the tin that go across his neck and upper chest. (The other tin on same scrapbook page had similar ripples, so likely someone bent tins by turning scrapbook pages sharply over years of viewing...) The secong "flaw" is man-made, likely by a fussy photographer: The areas of background emulsion behinf his neck & ears were lightly scratched out. It was to remove the sides of the head brace that often show in old photographs from this period. An interesting solution to the dilema (but I am not so sure I'd be scratching what I'd just produced for sale as a CW period image-taker!) The clarity of the image ius good but slightly dark on contrast. There is no flaking or crazing to the emulsion, even at ton bends. So it is nice and stable. This item has no brass mats/glass or case with it. No hand-tinting to piece. The price is already adjusted for condition. Price is for the ID'd tintype, the old notation from the scarpbook as well as a Xerox of the CW Database report on Hulburt. (shipping extra below) Tin: 4 1/4" by 3 1/8" with oval mat size of 3 3/8 by 2 3/8.

Type: Preserved  |  Condition: Very Good+  |  Price: $175.00
Shipping & Handling: $8.00
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