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#3101 - Tintypes of Soldier and his daughter
These are two tintypes from the same source and time period but not having any exact ID. The 1/6th plate tintype shows a bearded private with a veteran's cuff stripe sitting on a chair. It is slightly light on contrast but good on focus. There is a slight crackling of the emulsion over his head but not onto his face and body. (Not a big deal) This comes with a neat patriotic brass mat showing flags, ship, cannon saying "Constitution and Union". Comes in a full case but needs new tape on spine. The 1/9th plate is of a little girl seated on a chair with propriety. It is a little dark. Comes in a full case needing tape on spine. These are together. Likely she is his daughter or a neice. Sold together for one price...

Type: preserved  |  Condition: fine  |  Price: $175.00
Shipping & Handling: $8.00
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