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  • Men with Spurs
  • Their horses
  • Specialized equipment

  • Handforged Confederate Stirrup andWatering Bit with Twist Motif.

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    A custom-forged cavalry stirrup dug in a Confederate Civil War camp in Boonesboro,Maryland. Probably a Southern officer's private purchase.
    Unique-shaped Caltrop/ Horse Crippler

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    This is an EXTREMELY unique shaped caltrop, spread on fields to cripple or slow horses in cavalry advances. This has 5 upright spikes on either side and a radial star of 5 spikes as well around edges. Great condition. 1 5/8" across; 1" deep. Fairly heavy cast iron.
    Carbine Sling Buckle found farmer Antietam 1930s

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    This is a very nice heavy brass carbine Sling buckle that was found by a farmer on his land in the 1930's. He "eyeballed" it by walking his tilled land! Many years later, his brother sold it in Gettysburg to a collector. Interesting how some items simply erode to the surface after many decades in the ground.
    Plate Ambrotype of : Plumed 2 Maine Cavalry ?

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    This is a 1/9th plate ruby glass ambrotype that shows the look of a Union cavalryman. Note the ostrich feather plume in his slouch hat as well as the crossed sabers insignia embroidered thereupon. His expression of serious resolve belies the type of man who would swing a saber and wield a carbine as his rode a crazed steed into a wall of hurling lead & iron!
    Saddle Shield

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    A brass Union saddle shield which was nailed to the Pommel of Union horse saddles to indicate the size of the seat.
    Picket Pin Holds Horses in Place

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    This is a heavy forged-iron "picket pin" made by a Civil War blacksmith. It was driven into the ground and then the horse's rein or chain out through the loop end. This served to hold horses in place when cavalry were on the move and no railings or sturdy low tree limbs were available to tie their horses... Found in area of Chickamauga.
    War Horse Pulverized in Battle

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    This is an eerie reminder of the horrors of warfare. People don't just fall over suddenly dead with a little hole in their chest. Rather, they are maimed and blasted to pieces. The same happened to the horses in cavalry engagements! Bullets and shrapnel do not selectively seek human enemy. In fact, there are old images of piles of dead horse carcasses after Gettysburg. This relic is an actual horse's hoof still nailed to its horseshoe! The find site was Battle of Yellow Tavern. It originally came from the collection of the famed Civil War author Francis Lord.
    Heart Design Cavalry Rosette found 1961 Stones River

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    This is a brass Cavalry Rosette with a heart motif that was dug in June 1961 at Murfreesboro, TN (Stone's River) battlefield. A lot of Civil War relics were still numerous and openly scattered about prior to the Centennial.